Thursday, November 8, 2012

Word Families

I have been wanting to make word families for quite some time but I didn't really know where to start.  I looked all over Pinterest and saw some ideas that sparked my curiosity!  I wanted to make the word families easy to use and colorful, of course!  I raided got a whole bunch of paint chips to start with.  I started to write the letters on the paint chips but it didn't come out the way I was hoping, so I had a new idea to use alphabet stickers instead.  So, I went back into town to get some new supplies to start all over.  I am going to make word families for all the vowels as the school year progresses.

This is how I started out, what a mess!! 

 Lots of sorting!!

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  1. Wow love it I'm going to copy if ok . Jen Polk