Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bathroom Passes

I don't know about you but after a few weeks of students' being in school, my bathroom passes get torn up, wet and soggy, or lost...even possibly flushed down the toilet!  This year, I made these cute bathroom passes and laminated them.  Then, I put them inside a name tag holder, which students must put around their necks so they don't get dropped, washed, or chewed on!  I went to FedEx Kinkos and bought heady duty name badge holders (also known as small conference credentials), which has a vinyl pocket you can put the laminated bathroom pass inside of.  I'm crossing my fingers that these passes can last me all year.  Download your set here: Bathroom Pass Freebie


  1. YOU are so wonderful, and a very thoughtful teacher, investing in your students all the way, and I don't mean just financialy ;)
    I am so proud to have you in my family....Love, Aunt Denise (Fullmer)

  2. This is absolutely adorable, the whole site, I love the activities you all have been doing, so artistic/crafty and looks like the children are enjoying these projects.
    :) Great to see teachers going the extra mile to entertain and teach at the same time, by creating create visual/colorful projects

  3. Cute! I love your clip art :) I just posted about different ways to monitor bathroom passes in class. One of the ways was exactly what you are doing! Using a boys pass and a girls pass. Glad to see it is working for you.

  4. Thanks for the Bathroom passes! I am using them at church!
    Kids have to tinkle there too!