Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vocabulary Folders

Here is a new center I have created for Language Art Centers.  These are vocabulary folders for the letter that the students have learned.  I am not expecting students to know how to spell the words.  I just want them to get exposed to words that they know which start with the letter they know.  This also help reinforce beginning sounds.  My covers have the Alpha Friends on them, since I use them to introduce a new letter and the students love them!  I spent hours on Google finding cute clipart to put inside of the folders.  I got this idea from another coworker but I wanted to put the words inside a chart, so the picture and words were evenly lined up and easy to read.  I had to cut the tabs off the file folders and cut 1/2" off each side of the paper to make everything fit.  Then, I laminated them and now they are good to go!

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