Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Language Arts Centers

Everyday, students learn Language Arts through the use of centers.  I have 5 groups, that rotate every 10 minutes, with 2 minutes of transition time.  We started practicing rotating back in August and now students have no problem rotating between centers.  Some times an occasional pencil box will spill, but students love to help clean up a spill!  I have accumulated a whole bunch of activities for students to engage in, and I'm still making and collecting as the year continues,  Here is today's Language Arts rotation.

I found this online timer and for each rotation, I set the timer for 10 minutes and then students can look and see how much time they have left at each center.

I use sign holders to display an example of the work that students must complete, incase they get stuck and to show them how I would like their work to be completed.  
I had recently blogged about this center.  Here, I use my word family cards and verbally give students a word to spell.

Everyday, students must practice writing and blending in their binders and this is where I would post the sign holders, for students to follow along with.
At this center, students are working on their vocab folders.  I recently posted about this too :)
This, is probably the students favorite center.  Here students are at the listening center and working on the letter "Dd".  I bought listen and learn cards from Lakeshore Learning and I absolutely love them!

Students are working on syllables.  They have to write the word from the card and then circle how many syllables the word has and circle the answer.

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