Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Crafts

I know it's the day of but I wanted to share the crafts the students made to celebrate Halloween.  I tried to keep the crafts neutral, yet still fun!  The candy corn craft was idea I found on Pinterest two years ago so I don't have the site to source it back to but I just found a blank candy corn image on-line and had students fill it in using tissue paper.  Even though I can't stand candy corn, I think the project came out super cute!

I also found the following craft on-line two years ago, super simple Frankenstein!  All I needed was black strips for the hair.  As students were cutting the zigzags in the hair, I told them to save two of the triangles for his neck.  I printed out some circles for the eyes and had the students cut them out and then they drew the details for the eyes.  Some students even made their Frankensteins girls, you'll see the eyelashes in some of the pictures!  Then we drew a mouth and done!  But they look so awesome!!!


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