Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Up and Running Centers!

The beginning of the year is so hard to get centers up and running because so much time is used to behavior management.  I started my centers at the end of August this year and it is so nice to have the students independently working already!!!  I have students in 5 groups of 4, and they rotate between stations that last anywhere between 7-9 minutes depending on how much time we have for the day.  Below are some stations that the students have been working on.

Students working on Starfall at our computer station.
This is also a math station where students trace numbers using PlayDoh
This math center is for 1:1 counting, students have to build and count out the corresponding blocks.
This center is called "PomPom Placement", in order to help with fine motor skills as well as color matching

"PomPom Placement" in action!
This is a math station called "Domino Parking Lot" where students have to park the correct domino on the corresponding number
Listening center is also used to share and play on the iPad.

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