Thursday, January 24, 2013

Syllable Sorting

So, here's is my newest center that I just love and so do the kiddies!  It's called Syllable Sorting!  I came across this idea because I recently got the will power to organize the previous teachers' filing system and moved a whole bunch of stuff around.  There were all these craft books and educational books, so I organized them all together.  Of course, while organizing I had to look through all the book!  I came across this book, which was filled which tons of goodies!

Inside I found these super cute picture cards, that could be used for a syllable game.  All I need was a box to sort the cards into.  I had saved some containers from our Christmas party and I had the perfect one for the job.  Before I did any of this, I photocopied the pages and sat on them for about a week.  I was deciding whether I wanted to color the pictures in or scan then and color them digitally.  I finally decided and photocopied the originals onto card stock and took them home over the weekend to color them, and here is the final product.

Now, came the box to sort the cards in.  I knew I wanted to use something plastic that would make slicing the top to be easy.  So, I got out my Cricut and cut out the numbers 1-4 and glued them on the top.  I then added a coat of Modge Podge on top, so secure the numbers.

Over night, I put rulers through the slots to make sure that sliding the syllable cards through would't be a challenge.

Unfortunately, this didn't work that great so in the morning I got out my Xacto knife and made the slots bigger.  Now, the game is good to go and students can independently count how many syllables each picture has and drops it in the right slot.  We played today with my EA and they LOVED it!!!

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