Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy Trees

For the past two years, I have made Candy Houses with the students but this year I switched over to Candy Trees and they were so much fun to make!  I found that the students had much more independence making the Candy Trees and they were able to use their imagination!  I had sent home a letters asking parents to bring supplies and also invited them to come join us!  Here are the results of this years Candy Trees!

To make matters easier, I put the candy into a cupcake tray and lined it, then each tray got filled with the same candy so that there was no fighting!  This concept made it easy for the students to get the candy and it also made it easy for me to refill the candy!

Parents were invited to join their child, making for a fun time!

Very creative, love what they did with the pretzels!

How cute are the candy canes, turned into a heart!

Love the walk way made with Twizzlers and Hershey's Kisses!

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