Monday, August 13, 2012

Yearly Langauge Arts Pacing

Over the years I have gathered enough worksheets from prior months being paced that I saved and organized them by months (in my binders, of course!).  Right before school ended last year, I thought it was time to combine all the months together in one BIG binder, so everything was easy to access and all paced out for me.  I even went a step further and re-photocopied some older pages to revamp them!  I went to OfficeMax and bought a 4in binder and monthly tabs, so I could start organizing.   FYI  - Office Max will price match, so if you have a smart phone be sure to scan the barcode to your phone and stores selling the items at a cheaper rate will appear.  At checkout, show the cashier the cheaper price and you should be good to go!  I only paid $3 for my tabs which originally cost $8.

I then started going through duplicates and throwing old worksheets away.  I left three Language Arts worksheets and one sight word page for each day of the week.  Some pages consists of the letter we are learning, or concentrate on word building/blending.  Then, I went back and wrote the date on each page from our yearly pacing guides.  Now, I know each day is complete, easy to reference and each day will match up to my pacing guide!

Every month all paced out for the entire year
Sight Word practice for January 29th

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