Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kindergarden Common Core Standards

Our school is in restructuring in, so that means we have walkthroughs once a month to ensure we are doing our job properly!  After receiving feedback from our of our walkthroughs. my principal wasn't too thrilled that I just had the common core standards posted, she wanted me to be using them in a more interactive way.  So, I had to take some time to think about how I could make interactive standards.  One day, it hit me, CRAYONS!   Now. I love using ALL the colors when I create something (I'm very into rainbows!) and crayons were the only objects I could think of that would let me be able to incorporate a colorful, interactive, common core standard board.  Therefore, I created my standards to look like crayons and I'm absolutely thrilled on how they came out.  My coworkers love them too!  I've made all the standards but I'm not going to display them all at once.  When we are learning a new standard, I will introduce the standard to the class and then house the crayon on my standard wall.  More pictures to come :)

These crayon standards were meant to be versatile, so there is no right or wrong way to use them! I printed and cut them but didn’t laminate them. However, I cut up sheet protectors to fit the crayons and I display my standards that way. I’ve seen many teachers display their standards by using ribbon and hanging them. It’s completely up to you on how you want to use them and how to display them. You have the power!

Below are some examples of the crayon kindergarten common core standards!  The crayons come in more colors, of course!  You can find the full version on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here are some of the Common Core Standards that students are to learn during the month of August.  As I said prior, I only use the Standards we are learning and by the end of the year, the whole board will be filled with the crayons!

Here the is full board, to be filled by the end of the year!

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