Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School

It's that time of the year again, Back to School!  I have been working hard these past two weeks in order to prepare for the new school year.  It's sad but I actually started prepping at the end of last year, by printing out our Group A and Group B signs.  I'm sure our school does back to school a little bit different, especially with kindergarten.  The first three days of school, we have 45minute blocks to meet the students and the parents and during this time we get to go over our rules and do and assessment on the students.  Then, we break the class up into 2 groups - Group A and Group B.  Half the class comes to school for 1/2 day (Group A) and then the next day the other group of kids come for 1/2 day (Group B).  That following Monday Group A would come for a full day and Tuesday Group B would come for a full day and then that Wednesday all the students would arrive.  So, it's a great way to ease the students into kindergarten.   More pictures are to come later on!

Welcome notes for parents!

I got these great trays from Lakeshore this year, and it helped me organize all my Group A and Group B papers for the parent conferences!

This year, I decided to ask parents if they were willing to help me prep projects for crafts we complete this year.  

I know this looks chaotic but I wanted to display some of the love that I have received over the years on my filing cabinets.  

This year, I decided to paint my desk and I think it looks awesome!  It was a puke green color before and I couldn't be more pleased :0

Reading Buddies along with stories for students to read!

Puzzles I bought from Ross for $4.99 and they are awesome learning tools!
Here is my morning station, otherwise know as calendar time.  I also bought these awesome magnetic ten frame frames for counting in the morning.  
I used sheet protectors to the dimensions of the shape and color cards and well as the rhyming words and everyday we review a color and shape and that cards just slide right into the sheet protector.  We do go over the rhyming words, I will ask students to give me other words that rhyme with "box and "fox"!  I also have a close up of the magnetic 10 frame, so easy to use!
Here is my behavior management plan, I moved it this year so that students would be able to move their clips on their own.  

I made thse signs last year and they just sat on my whiteboard :(  I am reinstating them again this year and hopefully will get put to good use.

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