Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to School Part 2

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I would upload more pictures of my classroom and all the fun changes that I've made for this school year!  Mid last year, I decided to scan our class set of Decodable Books  to send home with the students, since there are not enough copies of the book for each student to get one.  I spent about 3 weekends scanning all 45 books and placing the pages into Illustrator and then making 25 copies of each book, whew!!!  It was a lot of work but I'm so glad that it's done and both the students and parents love having a Decodable Book to read each week.  I made these envelopes for the books to be sent home in.  By the end of the year, they feel apart so this year I taped them all around the edges and during the summer I paced out exactly when we would be reading each book and laminated in onto the cover.  

Book envelopes for weekly checkout of Decodable Books for students to read.  The entire year is paced out, the books are sent out weekly and parents must initial that the book(s) were returned to me.  

I found this idea on Pinterest and I spruced it up but I LOVE the concept to help reinforce reading comprehension!  

I had mentioned before that there are a total of 45 of these books, so I have them all organized by level so it makes it easy for me to send them home weekly.

Closer look of each scanned book, divided into their tabs!
When students are absent, this is the homework folder that I send home with work that the student might of missed and bring it to the office for the parent to pick up.

I changed out my cushion for the listening center this year.  Unfortunately, last year a few of my students accidentally drew on my super cute white bench and ruined it :(.  This year, I found outdoor cushions from CostCo that can withstand all types of weather so I'm hoping that they can withstand kindergartners!  I zip tied the label to the back of the crate and then sewed the front of the cushion onto the crate using 50lb fishing line!

We were lucky to receive AV carts for our Elmo's this year, here is how I set mine up to hold all of the electronics that I have.

Side my projector is displayed on the shelving in the front and my computer is displayed on the shelving that slides out from the back.  If you look close enough, my speakers fit in-between the top shelf and the bottom shelf!  Woohoo!!!

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